Oranges! Oranges!

I made this bracelet with the intent of making it kind of retro and kitschy. How often do you seen oranges on a bracelet? This on has it! Seven vintage glass beads shaped like luscious oranges are nestled between vintage glass leaves. This unique handcrafted bracelet is set in silver plate and connects with a simple toggle clasp. It measures approximately 8-1/2″ inches long, and can be easily made smaller, if necessary. Lightweight and colorful, here’s a fun way to bring a little Florida or California to your wardrobe.


This would be a great gift for mom, sister, daughter, niece, grandma, or teacher! I invite you to visit my Etsy store, Miss Poppy’s Boutique by clicking this link. There’s also another Etsy store, Gene’s Joint, where Gene makes unique handcrafted jewelry and findings. Check it out HERE.




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