Artist Progression

Boho2.jpgIt’s been awhile since I last published an article on this blog. Business is going very well, and with the Christmas and Hanukkah nearing, I am filling numerous custom orders in addition to selling what I already have on the market. Sales are keeping me in the black and very busy, and somewhat to the detriment of my other passion – writing poetry and short stories. Nevertheless, just as water seeks its own level, I will return to writing when it should be so.

I attended a bead show last weekend, and quite by accident. My husband and I were taking a break and walking around the downtown area in our town. We happened upon a sign advertising a bead show, so we followed the arrows and found ourselves among fellow artists displaying and selling their creations – from seed beadwork, to handcrafted glass beads, to metal work, et cetera.

As I am an artist that leans towards unique beads, handcrafted beads, and quality vintage beads, this was like rising to a bead paradise. I was enthusiastic over the beautiful handmade lampwork beads and purchased a few. Additionally, I purchased some gemstones and metal beads, too.

Though I may touch and pick up myriad items, only those that bring a creation to my mind at that moment will find their way into my studio.

I met an artist who creates some of the most beautiful seed bead/sewing work I have ever seen. She won contests, and had several of her works on display. My favorite is a creamy white crown with a cameo focal; it would be perfect for a bride. The piece has a look and feel of a Russian Orthodox bride’s crown and a 1920s hair accessory for an elegant party setting

This artist also invited me and my husband Gene (of Gene’s Joint) to attend the next local bead society’s meeting. We are looking forward to it and to hopefully join. Meeting and networking with fellow artists is important if one wants to continue to learn new techniques and teach what one knows, too.

As time progresses, I will be sharing with my readers knowledge I gain and anecdotes along the way.

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit my online shop at Miss Poppy’s Boutique. (You can click on my pictures here to view details on the items.)

You may also contact me for questions and custom orders by emailing me: Poppy at SusanMarieMolloy dot net.

As ever,



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