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For Book Readers

When I read books, I like to have something a little more special to mark my page than a ragged-edge piece of scrap paper, and I think you do, too.

One day I decided that I would make a beaded metal bookmark for myself. It turned out so well that I started making some to sell.

They are a popular item. For starters, I use high quality 14K gold plate and sterling silver plate markers. That’s the simple part. It’s choosing the right combination of beads that sometimes presents a challenge, because I want each bookmark to be as individual and unique as the readers who use them. Therefore, I only use high quality glass, porcelain, crystal, and gemstones, including unusual vintage beads.

Once I decide upon material and color, I painstakingly place the beads in pleasing combinations. Once that’s done, I hand wrap each bead cluster before adding them to the metal bookmark. I like many beads to make the bookmark sparkle and throw off great colors!

When you visit my shop (CLICK this LINK to Miss Poppy’s Boutique), you will see a couple that are for sale. I do take custom orders, so I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities! (Click on any of these three photographs to learn more about the product details.)

I look forward to doing business with you,

Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

Bookmark Mardis Gras


Wilma Flintstone Was My Muse

PurpleRock3.jpgI have a collection of sorts of mismatched and orphaned beads that are nestled in a divided box. I keep them there for times when I need a bead or two here and there to complete my creations.

As I was looking for a tiny black bead to finish a custom order, I came across a few dyed jade beads. They looked a lot like stones that Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble might wear, and an idea was born.

I took a few of those purple beads, a few black hematite beads, and the very last of my deep purple bicone glass beads, and I hand wrapped them with silver copper wire. This was a tricky project, as I needed to ensure that the finished bracelet was not too large or too small for the average woman.

After a couple of hours, the bracelet was complete, and a fancy silver lobster clasp brought this bracelet together.

It has a nice retro look to it, also, in addition to the Wilma Flintstone-Betty Rubble boho look.

I invite you to click on the link to my shop to learn more about this bracelet. Contact me through the shop or via this blog post to ask questions to ask for a custom order.


~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

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Heart’s Desire

Normally, when I write about specific items for sale in my shop, I only publish articles on items that are currently for sale. Today is an exception.

Last week, I designed and created a purse charm with a Valentine’s Day theme: Pinks and reds, hearts and beads, et cetera.

I took 20 gauge red copper wire and fashioned a head pin. I added on a large acrylic heart bead, and hand wrapped it. Taking clear, pink, and red glass beads, I added clusters to the bottom of the heart and above it. Here is where I believe the more beads, the better. It resulted in a full, rich, and lush charm.

A silver plated clasp was what I used to bring it all together, and the result was a cute purse/zipper charm ready for Valentine’s Day and every loving day of the year.

It sold within a couple days after I listed it.

Though this charm I made as one-of-a-kind, I will be able to create a similar one for you. Just contact me through my Etsy shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, or on my Facebook page, and we can discuss the possibilities.

Heart charm 4.jpg

~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

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Pink Copper


Yesterday I wrote about how I designed and created a flower garden for your wrist by means of a bracelet. When I created that piece, I was struck at how pretty pale pink looks with copper. You can read about it HERE.

To complement that bracelet, I designed and handcrafted a pair of dangle earrings.

Taking copper findings and ear wires, I went to my box of pink beads. Looking through the assortment, I decided upon the same faceted pink glass beads I used in the Flower Garden Bracelet.

Again, I hand wrapped the beads to the ear wires for the professional quality my customers demand. The result was a clean, smooth look. Copper spacer beads enhance the cotton candy pink glass beads.

When I finished this pair, I brought them to the sunlight. The flash and sparkle is indescribable!

I invite you to learn more about these earrings and to visit my Etsy shop by clicking on this link: Miss Poppy’s Boutique on Etsy.

I also invite you to contact me for custom and direct orders.

 Pink copper ea 4.jpg



~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique


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A Flower Garden on Your Wrist

These grey and chilly winter days are starting to make me long for a fresh, sunny spring day. One morning, while the sun was vainly trying to push through the clouds, my thoughts went to newly-born green leaves poking through the snow, with blooming pinkish-beige flowers close behind.

I brought my box of Lucite beads to my work table. In it, I found the perfect spring-green leaves and those pinkish-beige flowers I dreamed about. A bracelet was how to carry this off.

A ready-made chain copper bracelet was the obvious choice to use. The only conundrum was, What to use in each flower’s center?

I tried Austrian crystals, Czech rondels, and India glass Those didn’t work. They didn’t bring out the pretty shade of pinkish-beige flowers. They actually made the flowers look lifeless.

What to do?

Then I remember I had a large quantity of fresh water pearls in the palest pink imaginable.

I tested out one flower combination, and the result was perfection. The Lucite flowers brought out the luster of the pink fresh water pearls, and vice versa, and the spring-green leaves added a touch of interest

I first sorted the pearls to ensure they were all the same shade of pale pink and that the shape was as similar as naturally possible.

Then I set about hand wrapping each bead cluster on a copper headpin. Wrapping the copper worked out well, as each cluster looks clean and secure. I then took each cluster and connected it to the bracelet links with copper jump rings.  For a touch of sparkle, I hand wire wrapped several clusters of cotton candy pink on copper wire.  Lovely!

The final result was prettier than I imagined. The fullness of the bracelet and the soft spring-like hues look rich and feel delightfully feminine on the wrist.

To learn more about this bracelet and how to purchase, following this link to my Etsy shop, Miss Poppys Boutique.
Copper Flower 3.jpg
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

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Vintage Décor Accessory – Doilies

Vintage Décor Accessory – Doilies
By Susan Marie Molloy

Sometimes in a person’s life, there comes a time when downsizing and reevaluating one’s home décor is imperative. That day has arrived (again) for me. This must be the fourth time I’m downsizing; I seem to do that in increments every couple of years.

I’ve been spending a few hours here and there going through my possessions. I came across a slew of doilies stored in a department store box that was sitting on my linen closet shelf. I crocheted the doilies many, many years ago, and I no longer need them, since they no longer fit in my minimalist décor. They have a traditional style to them and because they are a fairly neutral color, they will look good anywhere in your home.

I chose a very high quality 100 per cent pearl cotton thread (size 10) in a soft ecru color. I spent many hours crocheting these beauties. At one time, I had them displayed in my china hutch, sealed from the elements and sun. Though I made them in the mid-1990s, they are as new and pristine as the day I made them. I recommend only hand washing them and air drying them.

Click on the photo to follow the link to my Etsy shop to read more about them and how to purchase.

They belong in an appreciative home – maybe yours?
© Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique and all works within.