The Importance of Hand Wrapping Your Beads

The Importance of Hand Wrapping Your Beads

By Susan Marie Molloy at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

Many moons ago, when I was just barely venturing into the world of beads, I tried my hand at using wire headpins to connect my beads. It was clumsy, at best, and definitely sloppy work at first. Bending too much or too little, and bending inconsistently gave my work an amateurish look. I even gave up the whole idea of being able to make a circular loop that didn’t turn out oval and went into the easy world of elastic bracelets. Looping and wrapping beads seemed to elude me.

Then something magnificent happened. Gene, from Gene’s Joint, saw that I was struggling with wire wrapping. He offered to take the time to show me exactly how to bend the wire just so and loop the wire around the headpin to make perfectly formed and esthetically pleasing wraps. His patience put up with my continued frustration until one day, I got it – I made professional level wrapped beads!

Indeed, just like everything else, practice is key. It took a lot of beads and wire to get my style down pat – and if it wasn’t for Gene, I might still be making cheesy-looking single loops without the wrapping.

Creativity does not operate within a vacuum. Indeed, the artist pulls whatever he can from the world around him, uses the knowledge and talents from others, and hopefully creates something unique from his own mind and hands.

One of my most fun creations is a pink, red, and white beaded charm bracelet. I took more than one hundred beads in various media (cat’s eye, crystal, vintage glass pearls, glass, crystal, lamp work, Murano glass) and hand wrapped each cluster with gold wire. As you can see in the photograph, hand wrapping gives a clean, finished look. Moreover, hand wrapping keeps the beads securely in place.  Gene even specifically created the hook you see on the bracelet.

I invite you to click on the photograph to learn more about this lovely piece, and to look around my shop for the newest items I listed.

Valentine Pink Bracelet

To see what Gene creates in his studio, visit

© Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique and all works within.


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