Vintage Décor Accessory – Doilies

Vintage Décor Accessory – Doilies
By Susan Marie Molloy

Sometimes in a person’s life, there comes a time when downsizing and reevaluating one’s home décor is imperative. That day has arrived (again) for me. This must be the fourth time I’m downsizing; I seem to do that in increments every couple of years.

I’ve been spending a few hours here and there going through my possessions. I came across a slew of doilies stored in a department store box that was sitting on my linen closet shelf. I crocheted the doilies many, many years ago, and I no longer need them, since they no longer fit in my minimalist décor. They have a traditional style to them and because they are a fairly neutral color, they will look good anywhere in your home.

I chose a very high quality 100 per cent pearl cotton thread (size 10) in a soft ecru color. I spent many hours crocheting these beauties. At one time, I had them displayed in my china hutch, sealed from the elements and sun. Though I made them in the mid-1990s, they are as new and pristine as the day I made them. I recommend only hand washing them and air drying them.

Click on the photo to follow the link to my Etsy shop to read more about them and how to purchase.

They belong in an appreciative home – maybe yours?
© Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique and all works within.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Décor Accessory – Doilies

  1. Lovely. I have the ones my mom made and treasure them. When my dad was moving, I took down a crocheted valance because I couldn’t bear to sell it with the house. I don’t really have a place for it though right now. Maybe someday.

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    • Thank you, Pamela. Handmade items are true family treasures. I have a lot of crocheted items from my one aunt, and I would never give them away, except to family. Anything I make is fair game. Yet I may have to hang on to a few of my crocheted things to pass along to my son.

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