A Flower Garden on Your Wrist

These grey and chilly winter days are starting to make me long for a fresh, sunny spring day. One morning, while the sun was vainly trying to push through the clouds, my thoughts went to newly-born green leaves poking through the snow, with blooming pinkish-beige flowers close behind.

I brought my box of Lucite beads to my work table. In it, I found the perfect spring-green leaves and those pinkish-beige flowers I dreamed about. A bracelet was how to carry this off.

A ready-made chain copper bracelet was the obvious choice to use. The only conundrum was, What to use in each flower’s center?

I tried Austrian crystals, Czech rondels, and India glass Those didn’t work. They didn’t bring out the pretty shade of pinkish-beige flowers. They actually made the flowers look lifeless.

What to do?

Then I remember I had a large quantity of fresh water pearls in the palest pink imaginable.

I tested out one flower combination, and the result was perfection. The Lucite flowers brought out the luster of the pink fresh water pearls, and vice versa, and the spring-green leaves added a touch of interest

I first sorted the pearls to ensure they were all the same shade of pale pink and that the shape was as similar as naturally possible.

Then I set about hand wrapping each bead cluster on a copper headpin. Wrapping the copper worked out well, as each cluster looks clean and secure. I then took each cluster and connected it to the bracelet links with copper jump rings.  For a touch of sparkle, I hand wire wrapped several clusters of cotton candy pink on copper wire.  Lovely!

The final result was prettier than I imagined. The fullness of the bracelet and the soft spring-like hues look rich and feel delightfully feminine on the wrist.

To learn more about this bracelet and how to purchase, following this link to my Etsy shop, Miss Poppys Boutique.
Copper Flower 3.jpg
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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