Heart’s Desire

Normally, when I write about specific items for sale in my shop, I only publish articles on items that are currently for sale. Today is an exception.

Last week, I designed and created a purse charm with a Valentine’s Day theme: Pinks and reds, hearts and beads, et cetera.

I took 20 gauge red copper wire and fashioned a head pin. I added on a large acrylic heart bead, and hand wrapped it. Taking clear, pink, and red glass beads, I added clusters to the bottom of the heart and above it. Here is where I believe the more beads, the better. It resulted in a full, rich, and lush charm.

A silver plated clasp was what I used to bring it all together, and the result was a cute purse/zipper charm ready for Valentine’s Day and every loving day of the year.

It sold within a couple days after I listed it.

Though this charm I made as one-of-a-kind, I will be able to create a similar one for you. Just contact me through my Etsy shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, or on my Facebook page, and we can discuss the possibilities.

Heart charm 4.jpg

~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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