Wilma Flintstone Was My Muse

PurpleRock3.jpgI have a collection of sorts of mismatched and orphaned beads that are nestled in a divided box. I keep them there for times when I need a bead or two here and there to complete my creations.

As I was looking for a tiny black bead to finish a custom order, I came across a few dyed jade beads. They looked a lot like stones that Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble might wear, and an idea was born.

I took a few of those purple beads, a few black hematite beads, and the very last of my deep purple bicone glass beads, and I hand wrapped them with silver copper wire. This was a tricky project, as I needed to ensure that the finished bracelet was not too large or too small for the average woman.

After a couple of hours, the bracelet was complete, and a fancy silver lobster clasp brought this bracelet together.

It has a nice retro look to it, also, in addition to the Wilma Flintstone-Betty Rubble boho look.

I invite you to click on the link to my shop to learn more about this bracelet. Contact me through the shop or via this blog post to ask questions to ask for a custom order.


~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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