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Safety First

Last week at our monthly Beading Society’s meeting, we learned how to create pieces with seed beads and thread. Our project was the Sparkly Wheel, and both Gene and I did pretty good. We didn’t completely finish them off, and that’s good because I plan on using both pieces to make an ornament. I’ll write a future piece on that.

Gene's and My Sparkly Wheel Project with Czech Glass Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Gene’s and My Sparkly Wheel Project with Czech Glass Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Today I’m stressing the importance of care and safety when beading. This morning during the pouring rain here in Florida’s panhandle, I decided to try my hand at beading a bracelet with tiny cat’s eye beads and seed beads. All was going well until I pushed the needle hard through a tight bead hole and some of the needle’s plating slid and embedded itself in my index finger. In fact, it left two separate pieces right under the skin.

I spent about six minutes sterilizing a thin cross stitch needle, dripping hydrogen peroxide over my wounded fingertip, and picking out the fragments. Every bit of the foreign matter came out, and my finger is healing well.

This is moments before the beading needle's plating found its way into my finger.

This is moments before the beading needle’s plating found its way into my finger.

The needle itself didn’t appear broken, so I am thinking that some of the metal plating is what slid into my finger. I am not pleased with the quality of this Chinese made product, and I will be searching for a better quality, large eyed threading needle.

Using a thimble would have been better in accomplishing the task of pushing the needle through, and now I have one of my old silver thimbles sitting in my studio ready for future projects.


This is my finished ©Grapes Suzette bracelet.

In the end, my bracelet project turned out pretty and better than I expected, since this was my first try with a large project. I plan on creating more of this same style bracelet in different colors and beads, and I will offer them for sale in my Etsy shop when they are ready.

Remember: Safety is important – always!

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Play Ball!

I’ve moved towards offering sports-themed accessories and jewelry. What started this was that I had a Chicago White Sox charm, some black and white beads, and wire.

First, I took silver plated copper wire and made jump rings, then connected them with a twist to form the base of my project. Hand wrapping each bead cluster with Czech glass and India glass beads was quick work. Finally, when the White Sox charm went on, I thought something was not quite finished. It needed one more item.

That item was a handmade ceramic baseball bead made in Peru. It was the perfect add-on for my creation!

Although this accessory is a dust plug for Androids, iPhones, Kindle, Tablets, iPads, iPods, et cetera, I can easily convert it to a key chain, gym bag charm, purse or hand bag charm, or car rear view mirror charm at no extra charge. I invite you to click on the photo below to read more on this sporty item.

I will take custom orders on sports-themed accessories and jewelry, so feel free to contact me at Poppy at SusanMarieMolloy dot net.

Play ball!

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