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Size Matters

I’ve been busy this summer designing, creating, and writing.  I’m looking forward to publishing my next book (look for the announcement HERE).

In the beading world, I surprised myself with new beads and the ideas they present.  Specifically, I am working on a new pattern for a necklace, whose idea came to me while working on earrings.

In the picture below, you see two beads made with the same stitches, albeit with different square beads.  On the left is a bead made with Japanese Tila beads and 15o and 11o seed beads.  On the right is the same pattern, but with square Czech beads and the same size 15o and 11o seed beads.  Notice the considerable size difference.

Tila versus Square Czech Beads. See the difference?

Tila versus Square Czech Beads. See the difference?

Working with Tila beads produced a dainty beaded bead, but I found them to be a little “slippery” while beading.  Additionally, they didn’t seem to hold the cube shape as well as the one made with the Czech squares.

With a little more work and tweaking, I was able to produce a nice, compact beaded bead.   Two black and aqua blue earrings was my final product.  To see them, click HERE.

I’m working on another beaded bead project, and when it’s done, I’ll be share it with you.

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