Hotel Beach Show

I was at an arts and crafts show last weekend with Gene of Gene’s Joint.  We participated with three other artisans, at the invitation of a person who, on a whim, set it up.

We had a small conference room in a hotel, and the premise was that hotel guests would stop by on their way to the lobby.

I was pleased to sell one of my nicest pieces at the show.  The buyer liked the dyed orange jade nuggets, and she fell in love with the handcrafted wire settings I made for the earrings. They were the ones that Gene of Gene’s Joint taught me.  I used copper wire that married well with the orange jade nuggets, and I added Swarovski bicone elements to add just a touch of flash and sparkle.  To go with it, I wire wrapped a bracelet, and together they made a pretty and very unique set.


One of the most unexpected sales that Gene made was as we were leaving and packing up.  We were headed out through the hotel lobby, and a young lady stopped to admire one of the earring displays we were carrying.  Right then and there, she bought Gene’s “Abacus Earrings,” hand wrapped with bronze wire and obsidian beads, set together to look like little abacuses.  She was thrilled at acquiring such a unique piece.

For both Gene of Gene’s Joint and I, it was a successful weekend.  We got our business promoted, sold our art, and made happy customers, too.

Shop at my store, Miss Poppy’s Boutique by CLICKING HERE.

Gene sells at Gene’s Joint by CLICKING HERE.

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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