Happy Mistakes

IMG_20150915_122228As most of us artists know, there are happy mistakes.

I took a beading class several months ago.  The premise of the class was to teach the peyote (gourd) stitch with a rivoli and create a pair of earrings.  So, I packed up my beads, scissors, thread, and needle and off I went to class.

The peyote stitch is simple enough, and it is a clean stitch, particularly when using cylinder beads such as Miyuki Delicas.  The cylindrical shape of the beads help to produce a well-fitted and even creation.

The pattern was for a round bezel around round rivolis.  At least that was the idea.  My finished bezel turned out to be a heart shape, not round.  I was such I made a mistake somewhere, until a friend of mine said that her several attempts also created non-round shapes.

What I think happened is that the teacher, in rewriting the original pattern, missed steps or miswrote the instructions.  But then, that is the happy mistake.

I decided to use my heart-shaped peyote stitch piece to create a pendent instead of earrings.  I took the cylinder beads and made a peyote stitch bezel.  What I further plan to do is stitch a rope with cylinder beads and finish it with some sort of clasp.

You see?  A mistake doesn’t really have to be a mistake.

Happy Beading,

Susan Marie Molloy

Artist and Owner, Miss Poppy’s  Boutique

Visit my Etsy shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique

©SusanMarieMolloy and all works within.


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