Noelle Beaded Ornament Cover

Noelle Susan Marie MolloyIt’s only the first week in October, yet I have Christmas and all its sparkly finery on on my mind.

I was playing with beads a couple of weekends ago, and found that I created a beaded Christmas ornament cover.  How did I do this?  Well, I discovered that my expertise in crochet paid off with designing this piece.  Seems that crocheting with yarns and thread and needle beading are cousins in a way.

I showed off my finished piece to others, and I was swamped with requests to provide my tutorial.  I also was sought out to teach this project at my local bead shop.

What I like best in the finished piece are the flash and brilliance of the fire polished beads I used throughout.

If you like to bead and want to try this project, please CLICK HERE FOR NOELLE BEADED ORNAMENT COVER.

If you would like for me instead to create one or more for you, please contact me at Poppy at SusanMarieMolloy dot net.  I will be happy to make this in the colors you want.

Happy Beading!

Susan Marie Molloy

Designer and Owner of Miss Poppy’s Boutique


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