WhiteKnittedShawlIt’s been a busy year already – we’re only eighteen days into 2016! – and my plans to expand my shop are coming along pleasantly. 

My shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, is just that—a boutique.  That was, and is, the true emphasis since my shop opened.  It may seem that I focus only on the art of beadwork, but it goes much further than that.   

This year, I will be offering other handcrafted items created by me.  Periodically, you will find crocheted and knitted items, embroidery, and other fancy needlework articles.  Unique artwork in other mediums will also find their way to my shop.  (More to come on that in future blogs!) 

Naturally, I will continue to write tutorials (patterns) for the many beadwork and threadwork pieces I create. 

So, what have I been up to?

Since my studio needed organizing, I spent a day or two sifting through my supplies.  Labeled boxes helped immensely, and deciding what to destash (the art of offering one’s unneeded supplies to those who need them) resulted in a better organized work space.  My studio offers a pretty Nature view from a window that brings in the sun.  That, plus neatness, really counts when I work!

Crocheting called me back.  I’m working on a shawl that is light enough to keep the chill away, and airy looking to look perfect during the summer months.  I find that having a shawl handy is important to have year ‘round where air conditioning seems to be overwrought where I live.  When public places have the air conditioning down so low, I shiver, so then it’s time for me to break out any one of my beautiful shawls – light woolen ones, knitted ones, and crocheted ones.  Fashion and functionality is key for me to keep the chill at bay.

During my organizing project, I rediscovered yards and yards of lots of pretty material with which I reacquainted myself. Cottons, chiffons, and shantung are folded neatly in my studio, waiting for me to break out the pinking shears and sewing machine.  One of my favorites is the couple yards of cotton material printed with reddish-orange lobsters.  It would be perfect as kitchen curtains.  Very kitschy!

Beadwork is still on my agenda.  I teach it, and that is going well, too.  A portion of my studio work table holds a large notebook, and within holds notes and sketches of future projects that I will transcribe into tutorials/patterns and teach in the upcoming months.

Of course, I do quite a bit more that what I outlined so far.  In other avenues, I published another anthology of my poetry.  I’m working on a novel.  There are notes on my family genealogy that need to be bound into a book.  Thousands of family photographs are slowly being catalogued.  I’m even meticulously preparing a book of my family’s recipes that date to the years in the old country.

Then there’s the daily business of running a household and having fun, too.  Many have asked how I could be so busy and still create my art.

Well, for me, it’s all about being well organized, keeping only good people in my life, and loving all the parts of my life. 

 Life is beautiful.  Art is everywhere.  Embrace the gifts you have.

 ©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.


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