Bead Retreat: The Third Day

"My Table" Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

“My Table”
Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

This day was a little more relaxed at the 2016 Emerald Coast Bead Society Retreat, and I had just one class to teach.

Gene and I began our morning with a quick bite and a brisk walk to the conference rooms.   We missed the sunrise, but it actually felt good to sleep in an extra hour.

While I was setting up my class at the table, Gene kibitzed with some of the other teachers.  I could hear them exchanging artistic ideas, with laughter and smiles, and even flipping through the pages of their books.

At my table, my students and I picked out our colorways for my Princess Lindsay Necklace, and we began.  This was a good project using daggers, two-hole squares, and Super Duos, with additional Super Unos within the stitches.  I am a big proponent of using Super Unos in place of Super Duos, in projects where you won’t be threading through both holes of a Super Duo.  I don’t care for beads that leave holes with no cover up or no thread.  In the case of Super Duos, replacing a bead with a Super Uno takes care of that concern with a beautiful touch.

Together, we made a small modification to my tutorial, thanks to one student’s sharp eyes and suggestion.  Replacing an 11/0 seed bead with an 8/0 one at each end of the focal helped the necklace look a little bit better. 

Here are a few photographs of the works in progress:

"Blue Daggers with Peacock Finish" Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

“Blue Daggers with Peacock Finish”
Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

"Beige Daggers" Original Photograph by©Susan Marie Molloy

“Beige Daggers”
Original Photograph by©Susan Marie Molloy

"Red Daggers with Peacock Finish" Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

“Red Daggers with Peacock Finish”
Original Photograph by ©Susan Marie Molloy

We all worked in tandem and discussed each other’s’ ideas and experiences, both in this project and with other projects offered during the retreat.  When one of the dagger beads turned out to not have a closed hole, i.e., a portion of the glass at the top of the hole was missing, we learned, as with some other specialty beads, you have to double check all the holes to ensure they are fully closed.  We initially thought the hole was correctly made (it really did look closed!), but it had such a miniscule missing section that when the beading thread went up against it in a certain way, the bead fell off the thread.  We resolved the problem with a touch of E6000 on the edge. 

In this project, I also taught how to use thread/wire guards at both ends of the necklace.  I like to use them in most of my bead threading work because the guards help to minimize fraying between clasps, thread, and beads.

All of us at my table were pleased to finish the necklaces that morning.  When everyone packed up and headed off to lunch, I spent time talking with some of the other teachers who were free.  It’s good to share ideas and tips in wire working and beading, too, and to catch up on the latest in our lives.

Since Gene and I were already checked out and our suitcases and tool kits in the car, we opted to grab a quick lunch at the hotel before heading out.  At the table, I panicked because I thought I left my two cell phone chargers back in the room.  Gene went to the desk, they sent someone to the room to check – nothing.  I thought I left them up there, still connected to the outlets.  I just couldn’t picture unplugging them. 

Our drive back home was just as our initial trip – light traffic and good weather, so we were home in no time flat.  When we got home and I unpacked my suitcase, the two cell phone cords were there, nestled between clothes.   I guess it was too early in the morning and I was too sleepy when I packed them up.  It was a relief to have them.

All in all, the 2016 Emerald Coast Bead Society Bead Retreat was educational, well-organized, fun, and a success.  We had nationally known teachers, as well as local teachers who shared their knowledge and talents with us.  The retreat would not have been the success it was without the hard work our own Mary J. did to organize it!

Oh, and we had raffles between classes.  The prizes were great and the raffles themselves were entertaining!  I won some unique beads that will eventually find themselves in some yet unknown design of mine.  We are very appreciative of all those generous people who donated the raffled items!

In the meantime, I am organizing my notes I took on useful techniques, updating one of my tutorials, and getting a list done of projects that I need to do for my next art show in a couple of months.

There’s always something fresh and exhilarating around the corner!

"The View from My Table, Looking Out Over the Gulf of Mexico" Original Photograph ©Susan Marie Molloy

“The View from My Table, Looking Out Over the Gulf of Mexico”
Original Photograph ©Susan Marie Molloy

©Susan Marie Molloy, Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.



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