Sharing and Expanding

This was an exciting weekend.  I (finally) expanded my business to teaching various art forms, including wire work, beading, crochet, embroidery, et cetera.

I held my first class in my shop, and we had it to full capacity, too!  Gene had to sit this one out; he was busy working in our bead shop, which is important to stay on top with. 

This weekend, the project was a simple one – a delicate bracelet comprised of tiny bicone Austrian crystals with Czech glass seed beads to complement them.  I put kits together with my pattern, so it was easy for my students to choose what they wanted when they arrived. 

Two students finished their projects that morning, and here are a few pictures of their bracelets:


Which do you like best?  I cannot decide which one I like better – the peach or the pale green.  They both are delightful to look at, and so feminine.  Just in time for spring! 

What makes this project so effective is that the artist doesn’t need to have a precise wrist measurement to complete it.  I introduced the technique of adding an extra length of high quality chain on one end.  This way, the wearer can adjust the size accordingly.   It’s practical. 

I believe it’s important for artists to share their knowledge and experiences among each other, and to introduce others to various art forms.  I have classes scheduled for the next several months where just this sort of thing will go on.  As time allows, I’ll share what my students and I are doing, and I invite you to share your thoughts.   

I am also giving private classes during the week and on weekends, so if you live in the Pensacola area, contact me and we’ll make arrangements. Remember – I do a lot more than beadwork, so don’t hesitate to ask what you would like to learn. 

Stay tuned; it’s going to be a fun and enterprising ride.

 ©Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.


2 thoughts on “Sharing and Expanding

  1. I must say, I was skeptical since Susan’s workshop is in our home. I was worried that I would be a major distraction, however, the whole thing went off beautifully. There was not one single discussion of any beaders’ sore sacraliliacs. Not one ache or pain was discussed.

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