Designer Showcase: Deb Roberti

My version of Deb Roberti's "Maya Band" bracelet.

My version of Deb Roberti’s “Maya Band” bracelet.

One of the beading designers whose tutorials I enjoy is Deb Roberti from Around the Beading Table.

What I like is her uncomplicated page layouts, clear directions, and detailed drawings of each step. You don’t have any questions where you are or where you are going in completing your piece.

One of my all-time favorite patterns of hers is “Maya Band” bracelet. I made a few, and they proved to be a popular gift, too. With each bracelet, I added 4mm crystal rose montees in the center of each “flower.” Not only does it add a touch of sparkle, it will hide that a-little-too-much-space-in-the-center-of-each-flower problem, if your beading goes that way.

You can find her tutorials at Around the Beading Table. Her prices are reasonable, and from time to time, she will offer free ones, too.

I recommend you add her designs to your beading table.

I obtain my beads for this and many other Deb Roberti tutorials from Poppy and Gene’s Beadery.

©2016 Susan Marie Molloy, Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, The Rosary Shoppe, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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