Bead Counters

Most needlework-type art requires counting of some sort. It may be stitches, rows, rounds, beads, threads. loops, et cetera. The trick, sometimes, is correctly keeping track of the patterns.

When I crochet and knit, I keep a piece of paper and a pen at my side and tally off the number of rounds or rows. When I cross-stitch off of a printed design, I use a highlighter to delineate stitches I completed. When I bead, I use beads.

Beads? Yes. Beads, to count beads.

I have a small handful of defective two-hold squares that are fused together and  cannot be taken apart. That happens from time to time, and it’s just a circumstance of the manufacturing process. Now, I’m not one to mindlessly toss out anything that just night have a useful second life.


I use these beads to keep track of my beaded stitches. I’ll count how many stitches I will be doing ahead of time, place them in a pile on my beading board, and then start my work. As I finish each row or round, I’ll toss one bead on a small plate. When all the beads are on the plate, then I know my rows or rounds are done, and I’m ready for the next steps.

It’s a tried and true method for me. Some of my students do the same, and some are able to keep track in their heads.

How do you keep track of your stitches?

©Susan Marie Molloy, Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


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