Ruffled Wreaths

RuffledEarrings3aThough it’s still the sweltering dogs days of August, my thoughts have been floating over green pine needles and fresh red cranberries like white snowflakes on a calm winter morning.  I like the combination of pine needles, fresh cranberries, and soft flurries; they evoke winter warmth and hospitality to me.   Besides, thoughts of cooler weather do help during this summer heat.

Some leftover lava red rizo and minty green SuperDuo beads were sitting on my studio worktable in a jumbled pile.  I had some creamy white rulla beads, too, so I added them to the pile.  Beautiful!  The colors melded and played off each other so well, that a new tutorial was in the works.

Developing this new tutorial took a few attempts.  However, how I envisioned the final product was different as to how it came out – ruffled, rather than flat.

It wasn’t a mistake – it was meant to be!  The beads seem to burst like little fireworks, or the hodge-podge orderliness of a cluster of snowflakes.  They are like ruffled wreaths.

My new tutorial is now available in my Etsy shop, Miss Poppy’s  Boutique; cliek HERE for more information.

©Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


Kon Tiki Earrings

In 1947, Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl organized an expedition via raft to sail across the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia. He posited the idea that pre-Columbian South American peoples could have settled in the Polynesia islands. The raft was named for the Inca sun god “Viracochoa”, and “Kon-Tiki” was an old name for the god.

My friend, Deborah Wear-Finkle, designed a pair of beaded earrings that evoke olden days of the Incas and Polynesia, and she rightly named them “Kon Tiki.” They do have a South Sea isle look about them. I imagine a time long ago, and a Polynesian tribal princess wearing them for a casual cookout with the gang on a beach:


These are easy earrings to construct. I made my version with silver and grey seed beads, pink crescent beads, black O-beads, black dime beads (in the picture, they’re the smaller beads towards the bottom), and large beads topside (I used black wood beads from Africa on mine).

You can get the tutorial for Deborah’s “Kon Tiki Earrings” at her Esty shop, Shosin Arts. Click on this link: Kon Tiki Earrings.


©Susan Marie Molloy, Designs by Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.

Shaken, Not Stirred

il_570xN.811176269_onpsThis is one of my latest creations:  a pair of beaded martini glasses for your ears!  Swarovski crystals and pressed Czech glass are mixed (not shaken) to make these adorable martini glass earrings! The green “olive” even has a red “pimiento.” The martini glass stem is made of Swarovski crystals and frosted Czech glass beads. Handcrafted silver plated ear wires add that extra unique style that’s you. Contact me for other custom made possibilities.  Click on the photo to enter my shop, or CLICK HERE TO ENTER MISS POPPPY’S BOUTIQUE.

LENGTH: 1-3/8”
WIDTH: 1/2″

Check my shop’s main page for special offers and coupon codes.

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Green Goldstone

Green Gold 2.jpgSince I’m always on the lookout for the unusual when it comes to the materials I use for my creations and artwork, it’s not surprising that I immediately took a liking to goldstone, Traditionally, goldstone comes in a brownish tone, but I have found green and deep blue, too.

When I found the green goldstone, my thoughts went to springtime and St. Patrick’s Day — so I designed and created a waterfall of dangly earrings that are unique and comfortable to wear.

Take a look for more information in my Etsy shop, Miss Poppy’s Boutique by clicking THIS LINK. You just may want these for your own, if not as a gift for that Someone Special!

~Susan Marie Molloy

Artist and Owner of Miss Poppy’s Boutique

Juicy Orange

When I shop for beads and findings, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t, have a creation already sketched out. There are times — many times — that I will be looking for one thing in particular, and I come across something different altogether.  Most importantly, I am always on the lookout for the unique.

One day as I was searching for unique beads for no particular project, I came across a string or two of dyed jade beads.

Orange dyed jade beads.

Orange that looks juicy and fresh and evokes thoughts of citrus pieces and icy cold Dreamsicles on a summer day.

I bought as many beads as was available, knowing that some grand project would pop into my creative mind.

On my studio worktable, I laid them out, sorting by size, general shape, and shade of orange. I placed all the different colored wire next to them – silver, brass, black, red, gold. No, none of those worked. Then I tried copper. Voila! That was the ticket.

First, to make the bracelet, I hand wrapped several beads with the copper wire and added tiny pale pink crystal beads along each side of the bead. I added a simple lobster clasp, and the piece was finished. It looks rich, simple, lovely, unique, and a little Bohemian. It looks good dressed up or dressed down.

Juicy Orange Bracelet By Susan Marie Molloy of Miss Poppy's Boutique

Juicy Orange Bracelet By Susan Marie Molloy of Miss Poppy’s Boutique

Next, I enlisted the help of Gene from Gene’s Joint. Under his tutelage, I learned how to wire wrap a graceful S curve for a pair of earrings. I added several tiny pink crystal beads to each single orange bead earring and curved the wire just so to give it that “S”. I handcrafted ear wires, too, and hand wrapped them to each dangle. The result is stunning!

Orange Dyed Jade Earrings By Susan Marie Molloy of Miss Poppy's Boutique

Orange Dyed Jade Earrings By Susan Marie Molloy of Miss Poppy’s Boutique

I invite you to read more about these pieces by clicking on the pictures above. You will be taken to my Etsy shop in no time flat.

I hope you find these pieces irresistibly tempting.

~Susan Marie Molloy
Designer and Owner of Miss Poppy’s Boutique

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Pink Copper


Yesterday I wrote about how I designed and created a flower garden for your wrist by means of a bracelet. When I created that piece, I was struck at how pretty pale pink looks with copper. You can read about it HERE.

To complement that bracelet, I designed and handcrafted a pair of dangle earrings.

Taking copper findings and ear wires, I went to my box of pink beads. Looking through the assortment, I decided upon the same faceted pink glass beads I used in the Flower Garden Bracelet.

Again, I hand wrapped the beads to the ear wires for the professional quality my customers demand. The result was a clean, smooth look. Copper spacer beads enhance the cotton candy pink glass beads.

When I finished this pair, I brought them to the sunlight. The flash and sparkle is indescribable!

I invite you to learn more about these earrings and to visit my Etsy shop by clicking on this link: Miss Poppy’s Boutique on Etsy.

I also invite you to contact me for custom and direct orders.

 Pink copper ea 4.jpg



~Susan Marie Molloy
Owner and Designer at Miss Poppy’s Boutique


©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.

Sweet Mother of Pearl!

il_570xN_644251522_ace7I unexpectedly found mother of pearl beads in retro colors. I knew I had to make earings with them!

Hanging a generous 2-7/8 inches, these handcrafted mother-of-pearl earrings are right in style. Each yellow flower is carved with details and is a full 1 inch in diameter. The orange disc accents the flower well at 1/2 inch in diameter. Because mother-of-pearl is a natural creation, there may be slight differences in coloring — this is normal. Setting off these mother of pearl beads are black glass seed beads. These earrings are fashionable year ’round.

Contact me by following this link: SUSAN at MISS POPPY’S BOUTIQUE.

(c) Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique and all works within.