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Moonglow in the Palm of Your Hand

chakra-2aA couple weeks ago, as I was researching for some new projects, I stumbled upon the prettiest cabochons I ever saw:  LunaSoft.

These cabochons have such a beautifully soft and glowing presence about them, they mesmerized me.  When they arrived in my bead shop, one or more of each available color, it was “ooooo” and “ahhhh” non-stop.   It’s one thing to see them in a photograph, and quite another to see them live.

The colors are rich.  The glow is soft.  The backs are metal coated.  The faces feel like they are lightly coated with rubber, or something like it.  The biggest question I had was, “How are they to work with?”

“Wow!” is my answer.

I choose to design a peyote bezel for a pendant using Japanese seed beads and SuperDuo beads, worked around a copper-hued LunaSoft cabochon.  Working the bezel around the cabochon proved to be remarkably pleasant.  I would even go so far to say that the coating seemed to hold the bezel well while stitching.   The way the cabochon seemed to change its glow was amusing.  Depending on how the light hit it, it looked solid, it seemed to glow, or it flashed a rich coppery hue with depth.  I have several more tutorials in the works using LunaSoft cabochons.

Other LunaSoft colors range from reds, to blues, to greens, to oranges, to white and black, and more. At the moment, we have several colors of the round 23mm ones in our bead shop.  I plan to order more in different sizes and shapes to stock in October.  In the meantime, see what’s available now:  CLICK HERE to see more.

If you like something a little different and something fun to work with, I recommend the LunaSoft cabochons, hands down.

If you’d like to learn more about my tutorial, CLICK HERE.

Add some moon glow to your repertoire!

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


Happy Mistakes

IMG_20150915_122228As most of us artists know, there are happy mistakes.

I took a beading class several months ago.  The premise of the class was to teach the peyote (gourd) stitch with a rivoli and create a pair of earrings.  So, I packed up my beads, scissors, thread, and needle and off I went to class.

The peyote stitch is simple enough, and it is a clean stitch, particularly when using cylinder beads such as Miyuki Delicas.  The cylindrical shape of the beads help to produce a well-fitted and even creation.

The pattern was for a round bezel around round rivolis.  At least that was the idea.  My finished bezel turned out to be a heart shape, not round.  I was such I made a mistake somewhere, until a friend of mine said that her several attempts also created non-round shapes.

What I think happened is that the teacher, in rewriting the original pattern, missed steps or miswrote the instructions.  But then, that is the happy mistake.

I decided to use my heart-shaped peyote stitch piece to create a pendent instead of earrings.  I took the cylinder beads and made a peyote stitch bezel.  What I further plan to do is stitch a rope with cylinder beads and finish it with some sort of clasp.

You see?  A mistake doesn’t really have to be a mistake.

Happy Beading,

Susan Marie Molloy

Artist and Owner, Miss Poppy’s  Boutique

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