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The Designing Process

il_570xn-1050051277_g9yxThings are still hopping in our bead shop, and while we’re busy with that, I thought I’d share another of my original designs with you.

When I’m not teaching art, or working on my books (yes, I’m a published author, too), or travelling, or being involved with the day-to-day routine of life, I find inspiration to create from the world that surrounds me. Last year, I designed an easy beaded Christmas ornament cover that proves to be a huge hit with my customers time and again.

Just like with anything else, designing a project is easy, and it’s not. The Beading Muse was kind to me with my Noelle Christmas Ornament Cover project. One evening, I was organizing my Czech glass beads and came across some pretty pink ones I forgot I had. I paired them with some green ones, and liking the combination, it was natural for me to accent them with some silver lined seed beads and a few larger black beads. They looked good on the beading mat and would look even better as an ornament cover.

The color combination may seem unlikely Christmas colors, but my thinking is that if you like it, it works. For example, I’ve seen Christmas trees decorated with all purple – ornaments and lights – and though that’s not my preference, it works for others. Anything goes.

So, I settled into my studio, dug out a clear, round ornament, a needle, scissors, and Fireline ® and got to work. After a few tries and a few restarts, I was on a roll to creating this ornament cover. The picture of how it should look was in my mind; I didn’t even sketch it out first, as I usually do, for each method is different in creating something.

This particular project turned out well, in spite of all the backtracking and a few restarts. The trickiest part was actually taking clear photographs of the steps, then adding diagrams to each to show what needs to be done to create a pretty finished piece. Lighting was key to producing clear images, of course.

As I mentioned earlier, this became my most popular ornament cover tutorial to date. It takes little time to make and can be made in your color combination. Several of my students and customers shared pictures of their finished ones, which I will share here at a later date. Their color combinations are creative and pretty!

If you’d like to learn more about my tutorial, CLICK HERE.

Happy Beading!

©Susan Marie Molloy, Miss Poppy’s Boutique, and all works within.


Noelle Beaded Ornament Cover

Noelle Susan Marie MolloyIt’s only the first week in October, yet I have Christmas and all its sparkly finery on on my mind.

I was playing with beads a couple of weekends ago, and found that I created a beaded Christmas ornament cover.  How did I do this?  Well, I discovered that my expertise in crochet paid off with designing this piece.  Seems that crocheting with yarns and thread and needle beading are cousins in a way.

I showed off my finished piece to others, and I was swamped with requests to provide my tutorial.  I also was sought out to teach this project at my local bead shop.

What I like best in the finished piece are the flash and brilliance of the fire polished beads I used throughout.

If you like to bead and want to try this project, please CLICK HERE FOR NOELLE BEADED ORNAMENT COVER.

If you would like for me instead to create one or more for you, please contact me at Poppy at SusanMarieMolloy dot net.  I will be happy to make this in the colors you want.

Happy Beading!

Susan Marie Molloy

Designer and Owner of Miss Poppy’s Boutique